The Positive Benefits of Inversion Therapy

Bats and special kinds of monkeys must have discovered way before us humans the huge benefits of doing inversion therapy since they already hang themselves upside in the caves and trees!  Many scientists and doctors, after decade’s worth of research and testing, found and helped prove without a shadow of a doubt that inversion therapy comes with a huge amount of benefits. They’re not stopping there! The future holds a lot more answers surrounding the awesomeness of inversion therapy!

The definition of inversion therapy is the process of inverting your body upside down, allowing the head to go down to a lower level than the heart. Basically flipping your body over and placing your head lower than your heart.

There are several ways you can accomplish inversion therapy. The most popular way is to place yourself in an inverted position by using the Ironman Gravity 4000 inversion table review. This piece of equipment, the inversion table, involves by placing your feet over your head and supporting your body from the ankles. Other specific inversion therapy techniques, like the Dolphin Pose usually used in yoga, happen when both feet and head are on the ground but your heart is still above both of them.

Inversion therapy is an effective treatment against weight loaded joint problems, helps strengthen the immune systems, improves circulation in the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, improves muscle to mind connection, the nervous system, detoxifying the muscles, and so much more! There are an immense amount of benefits that inversion therapy brings to the table and you don’t want to miss out on those! All of these problems mentioned above happen as a result of harmful effects gravity can produce. Inversion table reviews help reverse those kinds of problems and utilize the effect of gravity in a positive way!

Even though we may not have been using the power of inversion therapy since the very beginning, many archaeologists may have discovered some evidence that some humans may have been inverting from almost the beginning of time. Surprisingly, some secret societies in history may have practiced some sort of inversion therapy which helped increase their mental power and the strength of their bodies. Their inversion therapy may have been performed in secret since they didn’t want to reveal their secret rituals to their competitors and especially their enemies.

This idea isn’t a secret anymore! It has come from the dark to the light! These individuals who have used and practiced this concept were the yogis of India and the ancient ninjas of Japan.

The best way to practice inversion therapy right in your home is buying and using an inversion table. There are many kinds of inversion tables on the market, each with their own positive benefits and features. If you’re not quite sure which inversion tables is right for you, I would head over to Leading Inversion Table Reviews, click here, and have a look for yourself on some of the best inversion tables on the market!


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